After the Mainshocks: Incorporating Aftershocks into Risk Assessment

August 20, 2018

An earthquake is more than just a single event — it consists of a mainshock, foreshock and a series of aftershocks, which in some cases can be more powerful than the mainshock itself. This is why it is important for (re)insurers to understand the heightened seismic risks resulting from potential aftershock sequences that follow a large earthquake event.

As it stands now, these aftershock events tend to be neglected in traditional (re)insurance pricing, largely because traditional catastrophe models have excluded aftershocks. Therefore, it is critical for reinsurers to asses aftershock risk and incorporate it into a model that better calculates the resulting financial impact.

If you’d like to read more about TMR’s approach to earthquake modeling, you can click to download our white paper here. You may also contact the authors directly below to discuss how TMR can help you better assess, calculate and manage earthquake risk.

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