We are strengthening tomorrow.

We are protecting tomorrow by making
the unpredictable,

We are solving
tomorrow by
reframing problems
and providing

We are innovating
tomorrow by
constructing a
picture of the future.

How do you spell
tomorrow? TMR.

As a client-focused company, stable, lasting relationships are paramount. This focus arises from our characteristic long-term view.

Strength, agility and analytical skill

It is this unique blend that allows us to hit above our weight and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.



A.M. Best credit report as
of 10 January 2018


Standard & Poor’s

Standard & Poor’s credit
report as of 29 June 2018

And as a global, specialist reinsurer, our lines of business are accessible through five offices across three continents. We use this positioning to leverage local expertise, and our global-local orientation facilitates our specialist lines.

While other companies provide reinsurance, we provide confidence.

a model for the future

We developed a unique hail risk model, called HAMLET™, to anticipate the growing incidence of hail in Europe. The model incorporates traffic data to help measure the impact of property damage to motor vehicles.

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