Tokio Millennium Re Ltd.’s
Charitable Philosophy

Tokio Millennium Re Ltd. is committed to bettering the lives of children in Bermuda through donations to youth and family services agencies as well as through supporting youth sports.

Below are some of the organisations Tokio Millennium Re Ltd. is a supporter of.


Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy is a government school dedicated to serving students with special needs. The staff at Hope Academy recognises and supports the individual needs and talents of each student by collaborating with families and community organisations to ensure that each student reaches their ultimate potential.

Knowledge Quest helps bright Bermudian students who are not financially able to attend university and were turned down from at least five other scholarships. Students benefit from mentoring, job placement and resume advice.

Open Airways helps people with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases by educating them about respiratory diseases and promoting self care where possible. It acts as an advocate for people with respiratory diseases, particularly the most vulnerable and disenfranchised. Since starting its education programme in 1997, hospital admissions for asthma have been reduced by 70 percent.

Raleigh International Summer Programme is a youth development organisation that is passionate about helping young Bermudians realise their full potential and to effectively manage the day to day risks they may be faced with -- drugs, alcohol, crime, antisocial behaviour, bullying, loss of motivation, negative peers, low self esteem and lack of self confidence. The summer expedition allows the youths to travel to a developing country to help its citizens and also challenges them culturally, physically and mentally.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a self development adventure programme available to all young people in Bermuda between the ages of 14 and 25, which equips them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world around them. As a result, the young people in the programme are able to help others in the community, get physically fit, develop skills and go on an expedition to test these skills.

The Family Centre provides early intervention services to children who are suffering from family based problems such as abuse, neglect and other emotional challenges. Through its specialised programmes and prevention initiatives, it provides families with the skills needed to be successful and sustain that success for future generations.

The Reading Clinic is a private, non-profit registered charity that works towards making literacy a reality for children and adults who have dyslexia. This is promoted through one on one tutoring, prevention, identification, intervention, advocacy and research in the field of learning disabilities and related disciplines.

The Sunshine League is a registered charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of foster children in Bermuda. It runs a variety of programmes aimed at the educational, social and personal betterment of displaced children and works to assist them as they age out of the foster care system. The Sunshine League is a child centered, family focused, community based organisation that provides quality, therapeutic care to displaced children in Bermuda, and promotes traditional family values.

WindReach Bermuda is a fully inclusive and accessible recreational facility that exists to enrich the quality of life for the approximate 3,000 people in Bermuda living with some kind of physical or intellectual disability. The facilities and programmes provide persons with disabilities the opportunity and skills to participate in daily activities and lead an enriched and productive life, through physical therapy and job training.

Tokio Millennium Re Ltd. Sponsorships


The Tokio Youth Mountain Bike Series is a free race series aimed at introducing cycling to primary school children to help promote good physical fitness.  Children can use any bicycle—not just mountain bikes and those without training wheels—to participate. It is a fun annual family event that sees many parents avidly cheering on and supporting their children.

The Tokio Millennium Re Sprint Triathlon consists of a course involving a 750m swim, a 20km bike ride and a 5km run. This popular triathlon also includes a Try–a-Tri short distance event (200m swim, 10km bike ride, and a 2km run) as well as a kid’s event, designed to encourage and introduce newcomers to the sport.

Team Tokio was established in 2006 as a new cycling and triathlon club. The team is multicultural and open to all ages from youth to seniors. All dues paid by Team Tokio members are donated to Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy and The Sunshine League.

Tokio Millennium Re Ltd. also sponsors local Olympian Tyler Butterfield. Tyler competed at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece as a triathlete before moving on to a professional cycling career. The multi-talented athlete is now participating in triathlons, focusing on the Ironman race and qualifying for the 2012 Olympics in London.